Joseph S. Gillen, B.S.[Neurology]


  • GEMS Epic Pulse Programming
  • Philips GOALC Pulse Programming
  • Functional MR Imaging
  • Unix / Macintosh / Linux / Windows Systems Administration

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University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA



Biophysics & Microbiology

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Professional Experience


Research Associate, Division of MR Research, Department of Radiology,
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD


Network Administrator, MR Research Center, Department of Radiology,
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA


Systems Analyst / Administrator,
Pittsburgh NMR Institute, Pittsburgh, PA


Research Assistant, Pulmonary Disease Section,
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA and Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Division, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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Published Works

  1. Kuna S, Gillen JS, Levine S. Effect of respiratory gases on the frequency and duration of obstructive apneic episodes in a patient with the sleep apnea-hypersomnolence syndrome. Respiration 43: 2, 108-13, , 1982.
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Kennedy Krieger Institute
F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205

Telephone: (410) 502-7994
Pager: (410) 283-2966
FAX: (410) 502-7999


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Division of Magnetic Resonance Research

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