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The Medical Imaging Lab was established in 1991 in the Department of Biomedical Engineering with funding from a Whitaker Foundation Development Award. The faculty and students associated with the lab are interested in the development of new imaging techniques and advanced applications of existing techniques to solve problems in medicine and biology. A training program in medical imaging has been established in the department for both undergraduate and graduate students. To find out more about this go to the Biomedical Imaging Training Program.

Lab Director:   Elliot McVeigh, PhD

Selected Research Topics

Imaging the heart and cardiovascular system with magnetic resonance presents many challenges. Issues such as bio-compatibility, magnetic resonance physics, patient monitoring, image analysis, computer visualization, and clinical stress testing must be tackled simultaneously by a diverse research team. For example, magnetic resonance-compatible pacemakers have been designed and built; real-time quantitative magnetic resonance stress testing and fluoroscopy is being performed; and the effect of conduction abnormalities and pacing in the failing heart is being examined in patients.


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For a complete bibliography press here. Some hypertext and PDF papers of recent projects are given below.