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Dara L. Kraitchman, VMD, PhD




Dara L. Kraitchman, VMD, PhD, FACC
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology

Research Interests





Dr. Kraitchman's research interests are concentrated on non-invasive imaging and minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular disease. She has been actively involved in developing new methods to image myocardial function and perfusion using MRI. Current research interests are aimed at determining the optimal timing and method of administration of mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate infarcted myocardium using non-invasive MR fluoroscopic delivery and imaging. MRI and radiolabeling techniques include novel MR and radiotracer stem cell labeling methods to determine the location, quantity, and biodistribution of stem cells after delivery as well as to noninvasively determine the efficacy of these therapies in acute myocardial infarction and peripheral arterial disease.

Recently, the first technique to provide radiopaque labeling of stem cells for x-ray fluoroscopic delivery and CT imaging of stem cell persistence for cardiac and peripheral arterial disease applications has been developed. These labeling techniques have been developed using FDA-approved contrast agents in large animal preclinical models of cardiovascular disease using clinical MR, radionuclide, and CT imaging scanners for rapid translation to the clinical realm. She is also focused on the development of new animal models of human disease for noninvasive imaging studies and the development of promising new therapies in clinical trials for companion animals.






Other Appointments:


American Veterinary Medical Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Affiliate Faculty in Institute of Nanobiotechnology
Affiliate Faculty in Institute for Computation Medicine
Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Fellow of American College of Cardiology
American Heart Association



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