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William A. Edelstein , Ph.D.
Visiting Professor, Department of Radiology

Research Interests

Dr. Edelstein received a BSc in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1965, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1974. From 1974-77 he was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Glasgow University working on gravitational wave detection. He moved to Aberdeen University, also in Scotland, as a Research Fellow from 1977-80, where he was part of a pioneering effort to develop MRI.

His critical contributions to MRI began at Aberdeen where he collaborated in constructing one of the first whole-body scanners and was the primary inventor of the "Spin Warp" imaging method that is still used in all commercial MRI systems.



American Physical Society (APS)
Institute of Physics (UK)
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Editorial Board, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Editorial Board, Magnetic Resonance Engineering

Select Publications:

•  WA Edelstein, JF Schenck, HR Hart, CJ Hardy, TH Foster, and PA Bottomley, "Surface Coil Magnetic-Resonance Imaging." Jama-Journal of the American Medical Association 253, p. 828-828 (1985).

•  W Edelstein, T Foster and J Schenck, "The relative sensitivity of surface coils to deep lying tissues." in 4th Annual Meeting, Society of Magnetic Resonance . 1985. London: Society of Magnetic Resonance, p. 964-5.

•  GH Glover, CE Hayes, NJ Pelc, WA Edelstein, OM Mueller, HR Hart, CJ Hardy, M Odonnell, and WD Barber, "Comparison of Linear and Circular-Polarization for Magnetic- Resonance Imaging." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 64, p. 255-270 (1985).

•  CE Hayes, WA Edelstein, JF Schenck, OM Mueller, and M Eash, "An Efficient, Highly Homogeneous Radiofrequency Coil for Whole- Body NMR Imaging at 1.5-T." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 63, p. 622-628 (1985).

•  M O'Donnell and WA Edelstein, "NMR Imaging in the Presence of Magnetic-Field Inhomogeneities and Gradient Field Nonlinearities." Medical Physics 12, p. 20-26 (1985).

•  WA Edelstein, GH Glover, CJ Hardy, and RW Redington, "The Intrinsic Signal-to-Noise Ratio in NMR Imaging." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 3, p. 604-618 (1986).

•  WA Edelstein, CJ Hardy and OM Mueller, "Electronic Decoupling of Surface-Coil Receivers for NMR Imaging and Spectroscopy." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 67, p. 156-161 (1986).

•  CJ Hardy, WA Edelstein and D Vatis, "Efficient Adiabatic Fast Passage for NMR Population-Inversion in the Presence of Radiofrequency Field Inhomogeneity and Frequency Offsets." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 66, p. 470-482 (1986).

•  P Roemer and W Edelstein, "Ultimate sensitivity limits of surface coils" in Sixth Annual Meeting, Society of Magnetic Resonance . 1987. New York: Society of Magnetic Resonance, p. 410.

•  PB Roemer, WA Edelstein, CE Hayes, SP Souza, and OM Mueller, "The NMR Phased-Array." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 16, p. 192-225 (1990).

•  WA Edelstein and EM Schulson, "NMR Imaging of Salt-Water Ice." Journal of Glaciology 37, p. 177-180 (1991).

•  LF Fuks, FSC Huang, CM Carter, WA Edelstein, and PB Roemer, "Susceptibility, Lineshape, and Shimming in High-Resolution NMR." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 100, p. 229-242 (1992).

•  KY Chung, G Belfort, WA Edelstein, and XM Li, "Dean Vortices in Curved Tube Flow .5. 3-D MRI and Numerical- Analysis of the Velocity-Field." Aiche Journal 39, p. 1592-1602 (1993).

•  WA Edelstein, IET Iben, OM Mueller, EE Uzgiris, HR Philipp, and PB Roemer, "Radiofrequency Ground Heating for Soil Remediation - Science and Engineering." Environmental Progress 13, p. 247-252 (1994).

•  EE Uzgiris, WA Edelstein, HR Philipp, and IET Iben, "Complex Thermal-Desorption of Pcbs from Soil." Chemosphere 30, p. 377-387 (1995).

•  IET Iben, WA Edelstein, RB Sheldon, AP Shapiro, EE Uzgiris, CR Scatena, SR Blaha, WB Silverstein, GR Brown, GL Stegemeier, and HJ Vinegar, "Thermal blanket for in-situ remediation of surficial contamination: A pilot test." Environmental Science & Technology 30, p. 3144-3154 (1996).

•  BL Sorgenfrei and WA Edelstein, "Optimizing MRI signal-to-noise ratio for quadrature unmatched RF coils: Two preamplifiers are better than one." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 36, p. 104-110 (1996).

•  RA Hedeen and WA Edelstein, "Characterization and prediction of gradient acoustic noise in MR imagers." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 37, p. 7-10 (1997).

•  H Mallubhotla, G Belfort, WA Edelstein, and TA Early, "Dean vortex stability using magnetic resonance flow imaging and numerical analysis." Aiche Journal 47, p. 1126-1140 (2001).

•  WA Edelstein, RA Hedeen, RP Mallozzi, S-A El-Hamamsy, RA Ackermann, and TJ Havens, "Making MRI Quieter." Magnetic Resonance Imaging 20, p. 155-163 (2002).

•  V Taracila, WA Edelstein, TK Kidane, TP Eagan, TN Baig, and RW Brown, "Analytical Calculation of Cylindrical Shell Modes: Implications for MRI Acoustic Noise." Concepts in Magnetic Resonance B: Magnetic Resonance Engineering 25B, p. 60-64 (2005).

•  WA Edelstein, TK Kidane, V Taracila, TN Baig, TP Eagan, Y-CN Cheng, RW Brown, and JA Mallick, "Active-Passive Gradient Shielding for MRI Acoustic Noise Reduction." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 53, p. 1013-1017 (2005).

•  H Cheng, Q Zhao, GR Duensing, WA Edelstein, D Spencer, N Browne, C Saylor, and M Limkeman, "SmartPhantom--an fMRI simulator." Magnetic Resonance Imaging 24, p. 301-313 (2006).

•  TK Kidane, WA Edelstein, TP Eagan, V Taracila, TN Baig, Y-C N Cheng, RW Brown, “Active-Passive Shielding for MRI Acoustic Noise Reduction: Network Analysis,” IEEE Trans. Magnetics , in press (2006)



















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